UniCle Crossfit Jump Rope, Perfect Pre Workout Exercise Equipment, Adjustable Rope Length, Suitable for Fat Burner, MMA, Boxing, Home Gym, Weight Loss, Rogue Fitness



  • 360 DEGREE PREMIUM BALL BEARING – it’s a crossfit jump rope, a fitness exercise equipment with a build-in professional and premium rapid ball bearing to ensure a smooth and faster spin making perfect calorie and fat burning workout exercise. Suitable for all ages(men, women, childs).
  • ANTI-SLIP HANDLE & ANTI-ABRASION TUBE – ANTI-SLIP light weight PVC coated handles for extra comfort. And, Grippy ergonomic handles won’t slip when you sweat. With extra durable ANTI-ABRASION TUBE to extend life span of rope.
  • EASILY ADJUSTABLE & FOLDABLE – Cable is adjustable to the desired length for height <= 6.5 feets. It’s also a foldable fintness equipment, easy for storage.
  • SUITABLE FOR ANY PURPOSE – Speed Rope, Jumping Rope, RPM Jump Rope, Workout Equipment, Boxing Equipment, Gym Equipment, MMA Training, Boxing, Cross Fitness, UFC training, Wrestle training, CrossFit workout, Bodybuilding, Gym, Cardio Exercise, Weight loss, Weight control, Home and Outdoor workouts.

Why Jump rope? 

✔️Calorie Burner. Even jumping at moderate rate burns 10 to 16 calories a minute. According to Science Daily, 10 minutes of skipping rope is about equivalent to running an 8-minute-mile.

✔️Build Agility & Quickness. Improves your balance, quickness, coordination by making your mind focus on your feet.

✔️Increase Bone Density. Aaccording to Dr. Daniel W. Barry, jumping improve bone density.

✔️Good for Your Brain. Activities with physical and mental demands turns out best workouts for brain health involve coordination, rhythm, and strategy.

✔️Portable. You can jump rope anywhere, beach, mountains … even in the dark.



✔️Smooth and fast spinning

✔️Non-slip light weight handle provide extra confort

✔️Grippy ergonomic handles won’t slip when you sweat.

✔️Extra anti-abrasion tube to extent life span of the rope

✔️Adjustable rope length and portable, suitable for different people and different environment


How to adjust the length of the Rope?

  1. Open the plastic cover
  2. Loosen screws
  3. Adjust to desired length
  4. Tighten screws
  5. Re-install the plastic cover

Attention : You can use the Pliers to cut off the excess.


How to install the Anti-abrasion tube?

  1. Open the plastic cover
  2. Loosen screws
  3. Take out the rope from handle
  4. Place the Anti-Abrasion Tube into the center of rope
  5. Re-install the handle
  6. Tighten screws
  7. Re-install the plastic cover