TECHMOO Half Balance Ball Trainer Yoga Pilates Exercise Ball with Resistance Bands Pump Training Equipment Trainer Balance Boards Superior Balance Balls Textured Surface for Strength Exercise



  • PVC, PP & ABS
  • Made in USA or Imported
  • 【Unique Anti-Skid Texture:】Exercise half ball the slip resistant material will allow you to safely stand, jump, kneel or lay on this balance ball trainer workout.
  • 【Professional Balance Meticulously Designed:】ensure the stability during use and flexibility bring you strength, flexibility, balance and cardio workout tool.
  • 【Workout Balance Training:】Exercise half ball with anti-skid spiral texture, tone and strengthen your arms, shoulders, back and ab, simprove your coordination and begin your balance training.
  • 【Home Workout Exercise Gear:】balance ball to be lighter, stronger and more portable. Making the best of your home fitness routine for your at home workout and your yoga practice.
  • 【Widely to Be Used Occasion:】Fit rehabilitation, physical therapy, strengthening your base, improving balance and hip strength. Advance your routine by doing squats, lunges, or using for crunches.

TECHMOO Half Balance Ball Trainer let your regular workout routine in ways that you can’t even imagine. This portable half balance ball will whip you into shape from head to toe.
Whether a casual exerciser, runner, dancer, yoga lover or any type of athlete, integrating you can exercise with this balance ball balance training.
Build your muscle strength and flexibility as well as improve your balance with Sportneer Balance Ball Trainer.

1. Materials: PVC, PP & ABS
2. Net Weight: 23” 5 kg / 11 lbs ; 18”: 3.6 kg / 7.9 lbs
3. Diameter: 23” / 58 cm ;18” / 46 cm
4. Product size: 23” 60*60*10.5 cm / 23.6*23.6*4.1 inch ; 18”: 47*47*9 cm / 18.5*18.5*3.5 inch
5. The balance ball can effectively helps people to effectively exercise muscles, train balance, burn calories and shape figure.

What is the Half Balance Ball:
The half ball/balance ball has two sides including flat side and hemisphere side. The hemisphere side is half-filled with air.

How to Use:
Users could put the flat side on the floor and face the dome side or put the hemisphere side facing down and face the flat side to exercise whole body or target specific problem areas.
Whatever you are beginners or pros, you can easily figure out how to effectively use it.

Full Body Workout:
Compatible with a variety of exercises including push-ups, squats, crunches, climbers, lunges, planks and more.

Multiple Purposes Fitness Equipment:
Use half ball sport balance to do variety training including balance and coordination, strength, flexibility and muscles exercises.