RUSH ATHLETICS Legacy Weighted Jump Rope - Best for Weight Loss Fitness Training - Strength Power - Adjustable 10ft Heavy Jump Rope



  • 10ft (3.05m) Adjustable Heavy Rope
  • 10mm thick vinyl pvc rope | Weight: (400g / 0.9 lb)
  • Ergonomic, lightweight handle design to allow superior control
  • Ideal for All Levels of Skill, Perfect for Strength, Endurance & Weight Loss Training

THE CARDIO GAME CHANGER! Take your jump rope training to a whole new dimension with the Rush Athletics heavy rope aka ‘THE LEGACY ROPE’! This is the latest revolutionary line of jump ropes created by Rushie S (The Jump Rope Coach). The RUSH ATHLETICS TV YouTube Channel has been built most notably around the iconic ‘Money Rope’ but this rope will now test your strength and endurance to higher limits! It has been engineered for all levels of skill; Offering superior comfort, balance and feel with it’s ergonomic and durable design. It’s ideal for all athletes, fitness enthusiasts and those who just want to add an extra burn to their training! The handles are light and have been specifically designed to allow for more controlled transitions. The 400g weight is distributed within the rope itself which helps create a more balanced and comfortable feel whilst jumping. We’ve also maintained our culture of ‘superior feel’ by keeping this rope mechanism-free.