Escape Fitness USA Riser Platform for Step Aerobic Cardio and Plyometric Workouts



  • The perfect workout platform for multi-directional step workouts that can’t be done on a regular step product
  • A super-compact design means it’s easy to store and Use in the home; it’s also ideal for taking to the office or anywhere you want to have a fun and effective workout on the move
  • Bring two or more risers together to create a multi-platform System, moving from riser to riser, or stacking them for high-stepping moves and plyometrics
  • Risers securely click together when stacking, so as well as working out with them in this configuration it makes them easier to carry around and store between workouts
  • Get support from ‘how-to’ videos on the escape fitness youtube channel and work out with the escape your limits app; watch the exercise videos while listening to the music of your choice

Step and plyometric exercise is a great way to bring workouts that build cardio and muscular endurance into your exercise program. Plyometrics is also great for building long, lean muscles. Now, Escape Fitness has taken the nearly 30-year old step platform concept and brought it right up to date.

The RISER is a compact step platform that works brilliantly on its own, and with other RISERs to create multiple step targets or to add extra height to your moves. You can also partner RISERs with the Escape STEP platform as part of a system designed by step exercise experts and engineers to give you the best possible step experience.

The RISER delivers on strength, versatility and performance. It may be compact, but it’s wide enough to provide a stable and big enough platform for stepping. It really comes to life when you make the most of its octagonal shape. The RISER can be approached from every direction, so you can do great 360-degree moves that are impossible on a large rectangular step.

One RISER is at the ideal stepping height of 4.2”. But you can add height for plyometric exercises by stacking more than one RISER, or by using them to raise the height of an Escape STEP platform. Add to the system whenever you want, either as your fitness progresses or to give you extra versatility and variety to keep your workouts fresh.

Things get really impressive when you use more than one RISER to create multiple platform targets. Place two RISERs a few feet apart and travel between them to add extra movement and excitement to the workout. In workouts to music, you can increase the distance between the two RISERs but move between them on the same beat, motivating you to pick up the intensity. You can spread even more RISERs – how about three in a triangle, or four in a square? The possibilities are almost endless.

Another great feature of the RISER are the channels that allow you to add resistance tube exercises to your workouts. These channels allow the resistance tubes to slide freely through the channels, so there’s nothing to stop you moving into the positions you want to reach.