Crossrope Jump Rope Get Strong Set - Weighted Jump Ropes for Strength Training - Improve Power and Endurance in a Fun Jump Rope Workout



  • GET STRONGER, LOOK FITTER, FEEL MORE POWERFUL – Go after your strength and fitness goals with the highest quality jump rope on the market, built for every training need.  High intensity training? You bet – just grab the 1 LB Infinity Rope. More strength and power? Yep – just quickly clip on the 2 LB Infinity Rope! Both of these Infinity Ropes are included in the Crossrope Get Strong Set to help you build strength in a fun jump rope workout – no gym needed.
  • A FUN JUMP ROPE EXPERIENCE DESIGNED FOR YOUR FITNESS GOALS – LEARN TO JUMP ROPE QUICKLY AND BUILD ON YOUR SKILLS –  Our unique weighted jump ropes make it easier for beginners to learn fast and for experienced jumpers to get stronger more quickly.  Weighted jump rope exercise can improve weight loss, muscle definition, and conditioning, while enhancing coordination and agility. Whatever your experience with skipping rope, Crossrope gives you all the workouts you can handle.
  • PATENTED FAST-CLIP SYSTEM, HIGHEST QUALITY PRECISION STEEL BALL BEARINGS – No one else has the quick-change weighted jump rope system offered by Crossrope. Switch between different weighted jump ropes in seconds. Crossrope’s top quality precision steel ball bearings are the most durable on the market and offer the smoothest, fastest, and most incredible spin to ensure you get the most out of each and every jump rope workout.
  • TRAIN LIKE A WARRIOR, ANYWHERE – Crossrope is your portable gym, offering a versatile strength or conditioning workout no matter where you are, at whatever intensity level you need.  With two ropes, you can quickly and easily mix up training to give you a more fun, versatile, and intense training experience. Our durable PVC-coated, wire core Infinity Ropes can be used for jumping rope on any surface – indoors or outdoors – which makes the Crossrope system perfect for home or travel.
  • LET US GUIDE AND INSPIRE YOU TO NEW STRENGTH + TRAINING ACHIEVEMENTS – The Crossrope Get Strong set is designed to help you get stronger and reach your fitness goals while having fun skipping rope. Join our online community and use our app for helpful tutorials, fun workouts, and fitness challenges. We’ve got all kinds of tried-and-true jump rope workouts for all levels. Create a fun new exercise regimen, get in the best shape of your life, and show off your new, strong physique.