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  • 💪 POWER: Core Training, Explosive Power, Muscle Strength. Your full body high-intensity workout!
  • ⚙️ ENGINEERING: ARCHON’s textured surface provides a solid grip when using your slam ball! 15/20LB ( 9″ Diameter) | 30/40/50 (10″ Diameter)
  • ⚙️ DURABILITY: The outer shell is designed for intense use and a dead bounce. Home or Commercial
  • 🏋️ Core Training, Plyometric Exercise, Cardio, Body Squats, Crossfit Medicine Ball Training

Engage your core and build strong power movements with ARCHON Fitness Slam Balls. Slam Ball workouts increase your cardio vascular endurance, build strength and muscle for sustained energy and explosive power, and challenge your core with powerful slam movements with a dead bounce. With a durable textured surface ensuring you have a secure grip without tearing up your hands, this slam ball is ideal for both the home user, personal training, or commercial gym use. Much like a medicine ball, slam balls can be used for many of the same workouts therefore expanding your workout routine. ARCHON Fitness slam balls are available for purchase as an individual ball or save by purchasing as a slam ball set.